Die Vorteile der Gel-Suspensions-Technologie

The advantages of gel suspension technology

We have stood for quality and trust since 2009. As a pioneer and developer of gel suspension technology for supplements, we are proud to implement all processes from the idea to the finished product directly in our own production facility. This allows us to ensure the highest standards in the manufacture of our products.

The benefits of gel suspension technology are generally improved stability, bioavailability, texture and specific application options.

Gel suspension technology offers a number of advantages. In general, these are improved stability, bioavailability, texture and specific applications. Here are some of the main benefits:

1. Stability : Gel suspensions offer high stability of the ingredients. By using a gel matrix, sensitive or reactive ingredients can be protected and protected from external influences such as oxidation. This ensures longer shelf life and effectiveness of the products.

2. Improved bioavailability : The gel suspension technology allows for better absorption and bioavailability of the active ingredients contained. The gel matrix can help control the release of the active ingredients and improve their absorption in the body, resulting in more efficient use of the ingredients.

3. Improved texture and application: The improved texture and application of gel suspensions help make daily intake of high-quality nutritional supplements convenient and efficient. Tear open the bag, add it to your food or take it straight away, done!

4. Combination of different ingredients: Gel suspension technology allows different types of ingredients to be combined in one formulation, including water-soluble, lipophilic and sensitive active ingredients. This opens up the possibility of developing complex and multifunctional products.

5. Precise dosage: Gel suspension technology allows for precise dosage of ingredients. This is particularly important for products that require a specific amount of active ingredients for optimal results.
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