Was ist eigentlich Kollagen und welche Funktion hat es im Körper?

What is collagen and what function does it have in the body?

What is collagen and what function does it have in the body?

Have you ever wondered what collagen is and why it is so important for our beloved four-legged friends?

Collagen is a protein produced naturally in the body and is an essential component of bones, skin, blood vessels, teeth, cartilage and tendons. It is the structural protein responsible for the tensile strength of tendons and ligaments, the flexibility of bones and the pressure resistance of articular cartilage.

Normally the body can produce collagen itself from amino acids. However, with increasing age or with illnesses and injuries, an increased need may arise. This is exactly where collagen hydrolyzate comes into play!

Collagen hydrolyzate provides the body with valuable and easily digestible building blocks for building collagen. It is an excellent option for dogs in various situations:

- To strengthen the tendons and ligaments
- To support joint health
- Preventive or targeted after injuries
- In intensive training of growing and active dogs
- For older dogs to keep them fit and agile

Give your dogs the support they deserve so they are strong and ready for the next adventure.
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